Since High School I have been intrigued by a newer role to the theatre making process: dramaturgy. Perhaps I will explore in a later post my philosophy of dramaturgy (although it is constantly evolving), but for now check out this link to get a very broad understanding of the many roles a dramaturg can play. I have served as a dramaturg in school, and again as part of my capstone project for my apprenticeship at TPT – these projects excited me and have inspired me academically, artistically, and have pushed me as a critical thinker. So I am very excited to announce that I this season I am serving as a dramaturg on three very exciting projects!

Prozorov’s SisterstheRUMPUSroom Look for the workshop performance in April and a full production in August. The April production will be at Matrix Theatre Company in Mexicantown, they have graciously offered us the space to rehearse and build this piece. Without them we would be in my basement. This reimagining of Chekov’s “Three Sisters” creates a conversation about disenfranchisement in the play and in our community in order to access a purely Detroit aesthetic. This work will operate at the intersection between aesthetics and politics to create a socially alert performance piece, both of the now and the past. Highlighting music and moments that have put Detroit at the front of media attention, both good and bad. I am serving as a co-creator on this project, writing and devising with our incredibly talented cast and my partner, Chantel – but I am also dramaturging this production. (I am also working on essays in reaction to the work and questions we are encountering about working and devising the city.)

Life is Happening to Us AgainA Host of People Also coming up in April! This one is rehearsing at Detroit Contemporary, but we’ll be moving this to the Play House for performances. This piece was originally performed in New York and is being expanded and given new life here in Detroit. The performance is about relationships. Between people, nature, technology, pizza, bears… I am excited to be a part of this team, working alongside Jake and Sherrine (founders/directors/creators of this project). I joined them briefly as an actor last year, and am enjoying working with them as part of the collaborative and creative team behind this truly intelligent project.

The Red King’s DreamTipping Point Theatre This show opens the last weekend in May and plays through June at Tipping Point Theatre in Northville. I will be joining my Rumpus Room partner, Chantel, to team up as again as director/dramaturg. This show blurs the line between reality and surreality, taking you through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole as we play with themes of “Alice in Wonderland” and discover the complexities of seeking knowledge through love. Currently we are in the design process – rehearsals start in May. This will be my second show dramaturging at TPT – the first was I Hate Hamlet in the 2012-2013 Season.

I cannot wait to share more about these creative processes with you!