Intimacy Choreography

My goal as an intimacy choreographer is to encourage and advocate for agency in rehearsals and performances so artists feel safe while still meeting the director’s vision. I do this by prioritizing consent based practices in rehearsals, teaching actors and directors boundary-practice tools, and by using a desexualized and de-loaded process to create culturally competent choreography with detailed documentation procedures.

Selected Qualifications:

  • Current Project: Detroit ’67, Detroit Public Theatre, Intimacy Choreographer
  • Recent Projects: Bootycandy, The Ringwald Theatre, Intimacy Choreographer; Kilo Batra: In Death More Radiant, A Host of People, Intimacy Consultant
  • Theatrical Intimacy Education (34 Hours): Best Practices; Consent in the Acting Classroom; Foundations in Race, Intimacy, and Consent; Trauma Informed Practices; Modesty Garments, Barriers, and Masking; Race and Choreography; Intimacy Choreography; Qualifications: Building Your Intimacy Resume; Power Play; Staging Sex: Outercourse
  • Bystander Intervention Specialist
  • Sexual Misconduct Prevention Educator
  • Unconscious Bias Educator
  • Conflict Resolution Training
  • Toward an Anti Racist Michigan Theatre, BLQN
  • CPR/First Aid Certified, American Red Cross
  • Adult Mental Health First Aid USA, National Council for Mental Wellbeing