Photo credit Chuk Nowak

Intimacy Choreography

My goal as an intimacy choreographer is to encourage and advocate for agency in rehearsals and performances so artists feel safe while still meeting the director’s vision. I do this by prioritizing consent based practices in rehearsals, teaching actors and directors boundary-practice tools, and by using a desexualized and de-loaded process to create culturally competent choreography with detailed documentation procedures.

Selected Qualifications:

  • Current Project: Detroit ’67 (Tour), Detroit Public Theatre, Intimacy Choreographer
  • Recent Projects: Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare Royal Oak, Intimacy Choreographer; Detroit ’67, Detroit Public Theatre, Intimacy Choreographer; Bootycandy, The Ringwald Theatre, Intimacy Choreographer; Kilo Batra: In Death More Radiant, A Host of People, Intimacy Consultant; Black and Brown Theatre Company Intimacy Onboarding
  • Theatrical Intimacy Education (34 Hours): Best Practices; Consent in the Acting Classroom; Foundations in Race, Intimacy, and Consent; Trauma Informed Practices; Modesty Garments, Barriers, and Masking; Race and Choreography; Intimacy Choreography; Qualifications: Building Your Intimacy Resume; Power Play; Staging Sex: Outercourse
  • Bystander Intervention Specialist
  • Sexual Misconduct Prevention Educator
  • Unconscious Bias Educator
  • Conflict Resolution Training
  • Toward an Anti Racist Michigan Theatre, BLQN
  • CPR/First Aid Certified, American Red Cross
  • Adult Mental Health First Aid USA, National Council for Mental Wellbeing

Photo Credit Chuk Nowak, Detroit ’67, Detroit Public Theatre
Featuring Salakastar and Edmund Alyn Jones