Amanda Grace Ewing

I have spent much of my career collaborating with community driven arts organizations such as A Host of People, a Detroit-based theatre and performance company where I am a Core Ensemble Member and Production Manager, and BoxFest Detroit, a women’s directing festival where I am the Artistic Director. By day, I am the Director of the University of Michigan’s Educational Theatre Company, an applied theatre company that uses educational theatre to teach students about issues they might encounter during their college career. I work primarily as a director, dramaturg, and production manager. I have a Master of Arts from King’s College, London in Theatre & Performance Studies, am a third generation Arab American, and am based in Dearborn, MI.

Upcoming Projects:
I am serving as the Production Manager and Dramaturg on A Host of People’s ‘Kilo Batra’, and on the Dramaturgical team for A Host of People’s ‘Fire in the Theatre.’

Ewing, Amanda G. “Spatiality and Stories: Staging Memory in Post September 11th Performance.” The Arts and Popular Culture in History: Proceedings of the Role of the Arts in History Cross-Disciplinary Conference. Plymouth: University of Plymouth, 2013. 251-64.