Amanda Grace Ewing

I am a multi-disciplinary feminist theatre artist with a focus in community-engaged performance and cultural memory. I have a Master of Arts from King’s College, London in Theatre & Performance Studies and a Bachelor of Arts from Alma College in Theatre & English. I am the Director of the University of Michigan’s Educational Theatre Company, and the Artistic Director of BoxFest Detroit.

Upcoming Projects:
I am looking forward to Production Managing the A Host of People gala in February, directing “He Said Yes” at the Planet Ant Theatre in February, and Technical Directing Daring Dances at the Jam Handy in March.

Ewing, Amanda G. “Spatiality and Stories: Staging Memory in Post September 11th Performance.” The Arts and Popular Culture in History: Proceedings of the Role of the Arts in History Cross-Disciplinary Conference. Plymouth: University of Plymouth, 2013. 251-64.