A Metro Detroit based collaborative performance experiment.

The mission of RUMPUSROOM is to curate a playroom for artistic exploration and collaboration across creative mediums. We create exciting adaptations of classics, stage new works, and foster creation across artist communities. RUMPUSROOM is a place, a way of working, and a community where artists of distinct genres engage the community in happenings that hold audiences accountable for the work happening around them.

Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts – August 2014
Following a residency at Matrix Theatre Company, we returned to the Irina section of “The Chekhov/Detroit Project” to create an interactive, site specific, piece for the Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts. This reimagining of Irina’s story endeavors to interpret and explore gender relationships in the workplace and home by using Anton Chekov’s The Three Sisters. Through multi-medium acts our company, RUMPUSROOM, focuses on experimental performance rooted in text and ornamented by other performance elements.

We aim to create an educational program that teaches performance creation, style, and the ability to create work through experiment and group collaboration. Through workshops, after school programs, summer programs and special events, we aim to use the material we are exploring in our production work to teach new ideas about theatrical creation to kids and young adults. We believe this will foster a community of young creators who are willing to find new ways to build theatre and live performance, and be able to let go of preconceived notions to let their creativity grow and flourish.