Small Hours Serenade by Laura Heikkenin
Directed by DB Schroeder
The Box Theatre, Mt. Clemens

Show Times:
Thursday March 27th and runs through Sunday April 13th, Matinees begin at 2PM and all other shows begin at 8PM

Small Hours Serenade is a new play by Laura Heikkenin that explores the power of personal memory and challenges the difference between our dreams and our realities. We are introduced to Tara early in the play, but quickly start to understand that what we are seeing is neither trust nor construct – it is the very real extrapolation of a single moment in another character’s mind. This is the first project that I have been on board as a dramaturg from writing through to production.I learned many things from this experience, including when to offer specific adjustments and when it is my job to consider the bigger picture and storytelling. I learned that questions can be more important than the answers.

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Exclusive interview with ‘Small Hours Serenade’ playwright Laura Heikkinen
By Patty Nolan