Hello everyone! I am realizing that since accepting my promotion at the University of Michigan, I haven’t been updating on my personal website as much. So here’s an update of what I have been up to lately.

In my day-job, I have been working on creating a UMetc Methodology Handbook that outlines our timelines, pedagogy, staff organization, and includes tools to be used in rehearsals and facilitation training. This Handbook has helped to share the work of UMetc with similar organizations, clarify mission and vision, and document the current practices of UMetc. If you are interested in checking it out, it is available to the public here.

I have also grown my knowledge of anti-racism work over the last few years. Participating in the partial Allies for Change Doing Our Own Work training spurred in me a real passion for this frame of equity work. I am disappointed that I was only able to attend ⅓ of the workshop due to COVID 19, but I have attempted to continue that work through a Race Series Book Club, and attending workshops like BLAQN’s Toward and Anti Racist Michigan Theatre.

While I’m talking about education, the at home time from this pandemic has allowed me to take classes with The NeoFuturists and their associated artists. I’m hoping to share some of my writing here moving forward, and maybe even some work I’ve produced at home.

I’m also thrilled to be joining A Host of People as both a Production Manager and a Core Ensemble Member. I have been a fan of their work, and an occasional collaborator, for many years – but am honored to be welcomed into the company.

And finally, I’m so proud of the work that BoxFest Detroit did this summer to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic. We altered our festival to be a streaming film festival, allowing 13 women directors to showcase their theatrical, film, and experimental work online through Seed & Spark.

I’ll be updating more regularly now, but for now, stay home and stay safe!