I am excited to announce that I am directing “Hamtown Races” at Planet Ant Theatre this season. The show runs from November 23rd – December 27th.

From the Planet Ant website, “Planet Ant brings back an encore presentation of Margaret Edwartowski’s Wilde Award-winning play, Hamtown Races. Originally staged in Fall 2012, the play is set inside the Al Ameer Cafe, a family business belonging to Lebanese immigrants, which hosts a colorful and diverse collection of characters, each representative of the varied and shifting cultures in Hamtramck.”

As an Arab-American, whose great-grandparents immigrated from Lebanon, I am thrilled to be directing this show! I’m excited to explore this part of my family history and identity through this show – and further, I’m excited to explore race in Metro Detroit, and the history and changing culture of Hamtramck.

More to come!