Sixteen Jackies by Emma Miller
Directed By: Amanda Grace Ewing
Jackie: Vanessa Sawson
BoxFest 2014

Saturday, September 20th @ 7:00PM

BoxFest Detroit is an annual theatre festival that showcases and creates opportunities for women directors.  Though the main focus of the event is the directors, BoxFest Detroit creates a festive energy by including special opening and closing night events and by using the lobby to create an art gallery for female inspired art.  Proceeds from the event are normally given to two directors as a scholarship to help further her career and the winner of the audience vote competition is given the opportunity to direct a show with Planet Ant Theatre’s Late Night Series. This season because of financial difficulties the workshop scaled back to staged readings.

About the changes on BoxFest 2014 from

“Sixteen Jackies”  is a one woman, one act, play chronicling the experiences of former first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. RUMPUSROOM has plans to mount a full production of “Sixteen Jackies” this autumn.

Sixteen Jackies