On November 19th, I was lucky to be the Production Assistant for Frank Pahl’s performance with the University of Michigan’s Living Room Series at Kerrytown. The concert was fantastic and The Lovely and the Wretched were amazing to work with. I have included a video from the event below.

“This is an excerpt from an 11/19/2015 performance by The Lovely and the Wretched. This is the end of a longer suite in five parts. Each section features a nasty three note combination, hence the title, “Three Bad Notes.” It will also be used by Little Bang Theory to accompany the silent film “Laugh Clown Laugh” when the suitor is present. The Lovely and the Wretched are Abby Alwin, Clem Fortuna, Tim Holmes, Frank Pahl, Mary Riccardi, Terri Sarris and Doug Shimmin.”
Video courtesy of Frank Pahl Vimeo. Video by Bob Teagan.