Happy holiday weekend, everyone!

While we all take a few days off to relax with family and friends, I am thrilled to be spending Memorial Day weekend with the all lady cast of “Precious Little” by Madeline George at Matrix Theatre Company.

“Precious Little” is at its core a struggle and celebration of experiences that can’t be adequately described through words. This play explores the limits of language and the true nature of communication.

“This type of show is new for Matrix Theatre,” says Matrix Artistic Director Megan Buckley-Ball. “I couldn’t be more excited about it.  It will give our audiences a chance to step away from the realism they’re used to seeing here and give them a taste of the experimental.  The overall message of the show is both relatable and important, so I’m really looking forward to hearing feedback from our patrons.”

We have been experimenting with movement, speech, and digging deep into the text over the last couple weeks. We are now halfway through our rehearsal process and I’m struggling to find the words to express this experience.

So I’ll leave you with these press releases and this quote: “Whatever you do, something will happen. It’ll be a new life, and you’ll be inside it.”

Precious Little 1

Pictured in header: Linda Rabin-Hammell
Pictured above: DeAnnah Kleitz-Singleton

Photos courtesy of Megan Buckley-Ball

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