Review from The Detroit Free Press:

“In the capable hands of director Amanda Grace Ewing, this familiar material is imaginatively staged without being overly showy. Best are the beautiful pantomimed interludes in front of a phantom mirror. Amanda adjusts her hair and hat just so and is reminded of the glory days when she would receive as many as a dozen gentleman callers in a single afternoon. Heikkinen’s Laura, much more pretty than plain, admires herself in the same mirror. She reaches a hand out and grasps it lovingly with the other, a hint that she, too, desires someone to free her from crippling loneliness.”

“For the past three years, the Puzzle Piece Theatre has been a gypsy company of sorts, but now it has landed in the cozy confines of the Abreact Performance Space. The intimacy there proves vital to this “Glass Menagerie.” How can you not be engaged when a gentleman caller, just an idea in the first act, is now living, breathing and standing in the aisle only an arm’s length away from you?”

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“The current Puzzle Piece Theater production of the play, directed by Amanda Grace Ewing, appreciates the pliable nature of Williams’ text and its interpretation, creating a kind of theatrical sandbox in which the characters can dramatically frolic in pain and heartache that travels well beyond the confines of the playwright’s American south.”

“To reinforce the conceit of the memory play — that this is not absolute truth, but rather how the present Tom’s subjective mind perceives it — the production design takes corresponding liberties. Schroeder’s lighting design particularly unburdens itself from strict scene breaks and transitions however it sees fit, and sound design by Ewing plays up moments of aggression and sentimentality with a range of cinematic scores that push themselves boldly to the foreground.”